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Letter from NIC Chile to ICANN, February 9th, 2001
February 9, 2001
Andrew MacLaughlin
Chief Policy Officer

Dear Andrew,

According to our recent conversations during your visit to Chile, we have proceeded to contact the Government of Chile through the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications, which is the agency representing Chile in the GAC.

Please find enclosed copies and translations of the letters we have exchanged with Mr Christian Nicolai, Undersecretary of Telecommunications of the Republic of Chile. In these letters, we informed the Undersecretary of NIC Chile's intention to open negotiations with ICANN, aimed at establishing a formal contractual relationship. Mr. Nicolai acknowledges our letter, and expresses his views on the administration of the DNS for Chile.

We trust this letters will be satisfactory for ICANN, and that they will allow you to proceed with these negotiations.

I am pleased to add that Mr. Nicolai is participating as a member of our Advisory Board, a group of prominent members of the Chilean Internet community that has been established to provide NIC Chile with advise on domain name registration policies for .CL.


Patricio Poblete
Administrative Contact
NIC Chile
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