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Letter from the Undersecretary of Telecommunications to NIC Chile, february 5th, 2001
CARTA G-6 N° 0001/01
Patricio Poblete
Administrative Contact
NIC Chile
Av. Blanco Encalada 2120

Dear Mr. Poblete:

Through the present letter I would like to thank you for your letter dated December 26, 2000, where you inform me of the negotiations of the institution you represent for the establishment of a contractual relationship with ICANN. As you mention, this is an important first step in the consolidation of the relations between two entities that have a direct involvement in the management of domain names in our country.

As authority, this Undersecretariat has among its fundamental missions to promote the introduction of affordable, quality, telecommunication services for all the population. In this sense, we have followed closely the work of NIC Chile in recent years, together with the directives of ICANN. We consider as important guidelines both RFC 1591, that captures the implicit public function involved in domain name administration, and also the Principles for the Delegation and Administration of National Domains, written by the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC).

I would like to stress that I am convinced that the collaboration between us can be made even closer in the near future. Together with my personal participation in the Advisory Board of NIC Chile, I would like to express my desire to continue the joint work we have done so far, with the common goal of promoting the development of the Internet in our country.


Christian Nicolai Orellana
Subsecretario de Telecomunicaciones
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