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.CL the safest in the Americas for web surfing, NIC Chile

McAfee, the e-security enterprise, placed the Chilean .CL domain as the safest in the Americas and 23th safest in the world, according to its third annual report "Mapping the mal web" on the most insecure domains to surf the web.

The study is based on the analysis of more than 27 millions websites all over the world, evaluating the risk of each one of them focused on several attacks such as viruses, spyware, phishing, malicious downloads, among others.

According Patricio Poblete, Director of NIC Chile, the features that make .CL a more secure environment to surf the web are based on the mandatory requirement for the domain applicant to provide a valid means of identification, an agile response to phishing reports and cyber attacks to its domain servers and a constantly improving controls over the online payments to avoid frauds. This, along with the increasing participation of NIC Chile in security and quick response meetings, enables to keep the risk level low for web surfing on .CL.

NIC Chile acknowledges the constant and valuable contribution of every member of the .CL community -ISPs, hosting providers, webmasters and private users - to keep a healthy environment in .CL to surf the web.

The complete report may be obtained at (PDF version).


NIC Chile
Santiago, december 17th 2009.

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