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NIC Chile deploys DNSSEC for .CL, NIC Chile

NIC Chile announces the implementation of security extensions for DNS, known as DNSSEC, for the .CL zone, during 2010.

Since 2005 NIC Chile has been studying and analyzing this technology, as part of a joint effort with "NIC Labs" (NIC Chile's research laboratory). During this period, extensive operations and implementation tests for the implementation of DNSSEC for .CL have been performed.

DNSSEC is a collection of security extensions used to add an additional layer to the DNS protocol. This layer makes it possible to introduce new mechanisms that includes integrity and authenticity in the source of DNS queries, without breaking the operation of the current protocol, i.e. it enables the coexistence with the current DNS operation. This new technology is being implemented worldwide and it follows international best practices developed by the ICANN community.

Currently, NIC Chile is working on an internal testbed. The official launch of DNSSEC is expected to be ready by the middle of this year. During the implementation time NIC Chile will introduce a training period that will be available for the community. Furthermore, during 2010 NIC Chile will invite participants for a public testbed and a subsequent forum to get feedback and recommendations from .CL users.

Further information about DNSSEC deployment for .CL, including the project's time table, will be available at the .CL DNSSEC official website, which will be updated periodically: (Spanish only)


NIC Chile
Santiago, january 12, 2010.

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