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NIC Chile participated in 'A Day in the Life of Internet' 2011

"A Day in the Life of Internet" (DITL) is an experiment to collect in a coordinated effort as much information as possible flowing through the Internet (DNS queries, packets of data, record of visits to websites, etc.) in order to provide researchers with information needed to understand and model the current state of the Internet and promote its further development.

The experiment, which strictly speaking takes a little over 48 hours, is coordinated jointly by the OARC organization (Operation Analysis and Research Center for the Internet) of which NIC Chile is a member, and CAIDA (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis) and has the important cooperation of the operators of the Root Servers and TLDs, universities, and major Internet service providers (ISPs) around the world. This year is the fourth time that NIC Chile participates, the only Latin American organization that remains.

It is estimated that the volume of data collected is around 7 Terabytes. This data will allow researchers to answer questions such as "current use of IPv6 on the Internet", "in which Internet points more traffic is exchanged", "how has Internet traffic grown over the years", "what fraction of email is spam", "what is the overall state of the DNS" and many others.


NIC Chile
Santiago, April 29, 2011.


About NIC Chile

NIC Chile, a center of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile, is in charge of administering the domain name registry of .CL, that identifies Chile in the Internet. In this role, it is responsible before the local and global Internet community for its secure and efficient operation, to allow persons, enterprises and institutions to build their identity on the Internet, under.CL.

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