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Summary of new policies for .CL

New policies introduced important changes regarding the service of domain name registration and dispute resolution matters, within which states:

  • Publication and registration of a domain name only after payment. This means that "pending" applications will no longer exist, so that any application for registration of a domain name shall be deemed validly filed when it is verified that the respective fee has been paid, following which NIC Chile will publish the registration and enable the operation of the domain name registered.
  • Direct registration of domain names by foreigners, without requiring a local representative.
  • Elimination of the "competitive applications" as a way to challenge the request for a domain name. When this change is operating, you will only be able to submit requests for revocation. Revocations requested within 30 days of registration of a domain should be based on the "prime interest" principle, while after that period it must be proven that it is an abusive registration.
  • In terms of dispute resolution procedure several innovations will be introduced, such as:
    • Elimination of mediation phase
    • The arbitration process shall be conducted exclusively by electronic means in a single procedure and with standardization of fees and payment methods.
  • Adaptation of the rules and systems to allow future operation of registrars.


Para mayor información puede leer el anuncio de aprobación de las nuevas políticas.

NIC Chile
Octubre 2011