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NIC Chile informs about the status of its services during and after the earthquake early in the morning of Saturday February 27

DNS service

During the earthquake and after it, DNS service for .CL worked without interruptions for our customers and users. Service continuity was achieved due to the actions implemented by NIC Chile in order to have a significant redundancy level in DNS servers and connectivity, to keep .CL always visible in the Internet. This service is provided using more than 50 DNS servers over different cities in every continent.

During this emergency, some of these 50 DNS servers suffered connectivity loss or power failure after the earthquake, but thanks to the redundancy, there was no service discontinuity. Everything came back to normal as of today Monday 1st of March by 11:30AM, with the recovery of the DNS server located in the city of Concepcion, Chile, very close to the epicenter.

Nevertheless, connectivity problems of some of NIC Chile's Internet providers, caused the zone updates for new domains, were not done with the usual frequency of half an hour. This issue was fully resolved by the evening of Sunday, 28th of February.


The website service ( was affected between 4:04AM and 9:14AM (CLST) of Saturday, 27th of February, due to connectivity problems of some of NIC Chile's Internet providers.


NIC Chile is grateful for the e-mails and calls of affection and concern from many customers and colleagues around the world. We also thank the generous offers of help and support, which fortunately were not needed at this time.


NIC Chile
Santiago, March 1, 2010.

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